Install and configure your Zero Assumptions instance.

This page provides an overview for Zero Assumptions from instantiation to deployment to maintenance.

Select a Plan and Receive Your License Key

  1. Go
  2. Select a plan.
  3. Enter your credit card or bank details.
  4. Once you've submitted your payment details, we'll email you a license key. You'll also get a link to the documentation detailing how to set up Zero Assumptions on premise.

Install and Get Your Bootstrap Token

  1. Using the documentation, install your Zero Assumptions instance on your server and deploy.
  2. Check the Zero Assumptions logs, which will print a random, single-use bootstrap token. You can also explicitly set a custom bootstrap token in your configuration file.

The Zero Assumptions configuration file is written in Universal Configuration Language or JSON. Admins and Operators will be able to overwrite some configuration options in the Dashboard.

Set Up Your Dashboard

Go through the onboarding panel steps.

  1. Enter your bootstrap token.
  2. Enter your license or start a trail (limits amount of users).
  3. Enter an email address for your first admin account.
  4. Once you submit the email address, you'll see a generated URL.
  5. Go to the URL, but DO NOT close the current page. You'll see "Account Recovery".
  6. Set a password or sign on using your identity provider.
  7. Click "Reset Password".
  8. You'll see a success page and button "Proceed to dashboard".

Set up your SSO Provider and Invite Users

  1. Go to your dashboard URL.
  2. Set up single sign on provider.
  3. When you change something through the dashboard, you overwrite the configuration file.
  4. As an admin, invite users by email address. Choose their role from the dropdown.
  5. Create group and set group members and resources that they can access.
  6. Assign the node responsible for this resource.
Getting started