Ongoing Management

Zero Assumptions provides easy set up, and simple ongoing management.

Operators perform ongoing management of a Zero Assumptions installation.

Ongoing Management Tasks

  • User management
    • Invite user
    • Remove user
    • Pause/un-pause user
    • Grant temporary access to resources
    • Assign to group
  • Device management
    • See user device
    • Remove device
    • Pause/un-pause device
  • Group management
    • Assign user to group
    • Map resource to group
  • Resource management
    • Map resource to node
    • Add more resources
    • Rotate resource credentials
  • Node management
    • Map node to resource
    • Add more nodes
  • Access audit log
    • See when a user is connected
    • See when a device is connected
    • See when a user is logged in
    • See what a user did to the resource
Roles and Groups